Who is Send-A-Hug!™? And what does it have to do with The Serious Teddy Bear Company? We were hoping you'd ask! :). Well, you've come to the right place! Here's a quick rundown of how things have come to be in our teddy bear gift world!...


Send-A-Hug!™ began in 1991 with a simple concept: Hugs are simply the warmest, most sincere way of lifting emotions that any of us can give or receive. Hugs can be exchanged by individuals for almost any reason - and are almost universally understood. However, it's not always possible to give a hug to someone in-person when it's most needed - or to keep hugging even when you're no longer with them. Enter Send-A-Hug!™.

With the belief that there should be another way available to reach out and hug someone, Send-A-Hug!™ was born as a way to quite literally send someone a hug. It started with Yellow Page listings for Send-A-Hug!™ in South Florida and hand delivery of Hugs Boxes within a 90 minute radius of Send-A-Hug!™ headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. But as it turned out, recipients of Hugs Boxes were so pleasantly surprised and delighted, that they, in turn, wanted to order and send Hugs to others. So, a couple years later, the company started expanding their reach and began offering shipping of Hugs Boxes via the post office. Soon, Hugs Boxes were being delivered all over the country. The recipient-turned-sender trend continued - and the network of Hugs has been growing ever since. In fact, unique requests have been received for international delivery to some very important, well-known, individuals! (Don't ask who they are - we don't share customer and recipient identities - but trust us, you'd probably know many of these people by name!).


Over the years, Send-A-Hug!™ continued to grow largely by word-of-mouth and recipient-turned-senders. The Serious Teddy Bear Company came into being in 2008 when it was decided that Send-A-Hug!™ was much overdue for a web presence - but that the online offering should be part of a broader gift-giving approach. The concept of The Serious Teddy Bear was to expand beyond Hugs Boxes and include other types of great gifts. When The Serious Teddy Bear Company website first launched, many categories of gifts were offered, but only the Hugs Boxes proved truly popular and enduring with our customers, and the decision to focus on Hugs Boxes in the short term was made.


The Serious Teddy Bear Company is proud to be the only place on the web to offer Hugs Boxes from Send-A-Hug!™. And we now deliver our Hugs Boxes all over the world!

We still have plans on the horizon to offer additional categories of unique products beyond Send-A-Hug's Hugs Boxes... But for now, you can think of The Serious Teddy Bear as the exclusive retailer of Send-A-Hug!™ - and so we are happy to offer it's Hugs Boxes as our marquis product line.

Our Guiding Principle

From the moment we're born, we need hugs. Hugs help babies grow. Hugs help children learn to express love. Hugs help adults feel connected. Hugs are the warmest, most sincere way of lifting emotions that any of us can give or receive - and there is never a time when you can’t benefit from one.

Never put off until tomorrow, someone you can hug today!

The Serious Teddy Bear Company. We Deliver Hugs.™ 

Hug for a Cure. A portion of all proceeds will be donated evenly towards Cancer and Alzheimer's Research.

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