The Precious Present

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"The precious present has nothing to do with wishing. The richness of the precious present comes from its own source. The precious present is not something that someone gives you. It is something that you give to yourself." The parable of The Precious Present is a quiet one to muse upon and sit with and finally to take into your heart. Spencer Johnson has created a simple path for the reader to follow in the search for peace and clarity.

While The Precious Present may read like a children's book for adults its slow pace requires the mind to quiet down so that it can really register the meaning of Johnson's words. "The Present Is Simply Who I Am Just The Way I Am... Right Now. And It Is Precious." We may be familiar with this philosophy in theory but the experience of reading The Precious Present is truly synchronous with its message. --Jodie Buller

From an actual reader: "I picked out this book at the library six years ago. It was small and in ten minutes "The Precious Present" changed my life".