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What could be more scrumptious and wonderful than sending a good sincere Hug to someone special along with a box of famous Godiva Chocolates? (4 piece assorted chocolates)

Nestled in a bed of colorful confetti Hugs is prepared to do what the teddy bear was created to do: To Hug that special someone particularly when you are unable to do so in person.

Ultra-plush and of the highest quality we promise you they just might not be able to stop hugging this luxurious teddy bear gift.

Along with the Godiva Chocolates, each Hug comes with one of our famous stones with the inscribed words "Consider Yourself Hugged."


*Reminders about all of our Hugs Boxes

Add-ons are available! Sure, you already know about all of our terrific standard components that are included with every Hugs Box, but why not go the extra mile and throw in a special heartfelt book, sweet, or accessory?

Hug for a Cure. A portion of all proceeds will be donated evenly towards Cancer and Alzheimer's Research.

"Hugs" is intended for grown-ups; the teddy bear & accessories are not suitable for anyone under the age of 4.
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