The Serious Teddy Bear Company is very glad that you enjoyed your Hugs Box, Danielle Serino!

Thanks so much for sharing your touching story! Much love to you and your Dad - and a happy holiday season!


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Danielle Serino

This pretty box came to my home yesterday. When I looked closely I saw it came from the Teddy Bear Company. I thought it was very nice someone sent me a gift but my first reaction was, why is someone giving a grown woman a Teddy Bear? It's a beautiful bear. It came with a sweet poem about the bear, which is called the Hug Bear. There was a cute book called Hug Therapy and a box of jellybeans. It was a beautiful presentation but I still thought it was a little strange...until I opened the card. That's when I grabbed my bear and started tearing up. I'm a very lucky girl :)