The 12 Hugs of Christmas Day Sale 5

by Burton Hohman
on December 16, 2013

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Best Holiday Gifts For People Who Live Far Away

by Amy Moczynski
on December 04, 2013

The time has come to begin holiday shopping, and as you’re making your list and checking it twice, you might find yourself buying gifts for loved ones both near and far. While you have more options to consider when you don’t have to worry about shipping a gift, that doesn’t mean you’re confined to sending just a gift card or cash for your loved ones who live far away. There are plenty of fun, creative gift baskets out there for anyone on your shopping list.

If you’re looking for great gifts to ship someone this holiday season, here are a few inventive gift basket ideas your loved ones are sure to adore.

For the person who needs a hug

Whether you’ve had a long year or you are really missing your family, there are some times that you just really want to hug your family. If you won’t be able to see your loved ones this year, sending a hug might be the only alternative out there. While you might initially envision a person going door to door offering hugs, there’s an easier alternative: The Serious Teddy Bear Company, which sells the Hugs Box, a teddy bear gift basket made for adults. 

The Serious Teddy Bear Company allows shoppers to either select an existing gift package (they have a holiday bear package) or create a custom gift basket. You can fill the basket with candies, books, trinkets and a personalized message to let your loved one know how much you miss them this holiday season.

For the man who needs a man’s gift

Shopping for a man is no easy feat. Sure, you can send them clothes, aftershave or gift cards, but those ideas are, well, boring. If you’re looking for a gift idea that has some personality, check out Man Crates. Man Crates gifts come complete with snacks, games and other gear men are sure to love. Each gift box is shipped in a wooden create that can only be opened with a crowbar, which accompanies the gift box.

There are gift boxes perfect for any man’s interests: meat, beer, games, snacks and, of course, zombie protection gear. All of the gift boxes come with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, or a High Five Guarantee as Man Crates calls it, so you can rest assured the recipient will love prying open their gift box.

For the family on Christmas morning

Can’t be there Christmas morning but want to be a part of the morning’s tradition? Send your loved ones the Season’s Eatings Breakfast Tin. This gift basket, which was included on this year’s list of Oprah’s Favorite Things, comes with biscuit mix, bacon, an assortment of jam and more from Nashville’s Loveless Café. Now, if only the basket came with someone to help you prepare breakfast…

For the wine and food lover

A classic gift idea is sending a basket of wine and food to your loved ones, assuming that your loved one would appreciate a few bottles of wine. has a wide variety of wine gift baskets sorted by price and wine type. You can also select gift baskets the come complete with food pairings and snacks so your recipient can make an entire meal or course based around the wine you send them.

How Childhood Items Can Relieve Stress in Adulthood

by Amy Moczynski
on November 22, 2013

Young adults and grown-ups have many stresses in their life, and it seems like the older you get, the more stress you have. Moving away from child-like objects such as teddy bears and security blankets is a trend society has adopted as you grow older, but why? If these objects gave you comfort when you were younger, shouldn’t they do the same when you’re older? Reminiscing and recalling those childhood memories with your comfort item can relieve your stresses of adulthood temporarily.


For example, there are some business travelers who bring comfort items with them on their trip, such as a favorite childhood T-shirt or a token they’ve held onto since childhood. These items are also used in times of emergency to help calm people. The Oklahoma City National Memorial sent 600 teddy bears in the aftermath of the tragedy that happened in New York on 9/11.

In an informal survey by Psychologist Christopher Peterson, asked how many students brought stuffed animals with them to college. About 250 students said they had a stuffed animal with them in college. While the majority of the audience was female, the males who answered were not ashamed or embarrassed to admit to bringing a stuffed animal with them.

The reason why teddy bears are such great comfort items is because they touch upon some of our core psychological attachments:

  • They are symbols of child-like innocence, makes us reminisce about when you got the bear and who gave it to you. Usually, your mother or father.
  • A soft touch and something plush is extremely powerful. That action and feeling triggers a sigh of relief that helps lower your blood pressure, release calming endorphins in your body and give a moment of peace for the individual.

The Serious Teddy Bear Company understands you need some stress relief in your life, as well as a sense of security. Our “Hugs” the teddy bear is here to provide that same childhood security you had in the form of one of the softest, plushest bears on the market. You’ll feel better giving “Hugs” a hug and have that stress melt away.

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